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We strive for trusting, transparent, mutually empowering partnerships.

At Stonefield Credit Partners, everything we do is guided by our responsibility to our investors. At the same time, we seek to build effective relationships with our borrowers in order to grow their businesses. And we endeavour to positively impact the economy and society.


Striving for excellence.

We apply our expertise and experience to structure funding solutions that lead to mutually successful outcomes by aligning the interests of our investors, our borrowers and our business.

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Striving for better risk-adjusted returns in private markets.

Our investment strategies are tailor-made to deliver the right solutions for our clients. Every investment has the same aim: a mutually beneficial result that positively impacts the economy and society.

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Striving for a culture of collaboration.

Our people work closely with you to build trusting, lasting relationships. And we partner with our stakeholders to empower high quality businesses. Together, we can all make a difference.

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Striving for impact:
Stonefield’s ESG approach.

Delivering attractive returns for investors includes a proactive, disciplined approach to managing environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities. We believe that our investments need to impact society positively, sustainably.

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